Welcome, Students!

For one hundred years now, members of the faculty at Tower School have welcomed students on the first day of school.  We opened for our Centennial year on Wednesday, September 5.  While styles of dress and transportation have changed since 1912, imagine how much has remained the same!  Here are some givens about the first day of school:

  • Returning eighth graders emerge from the car seemingly seven inches taller than when they left for the summer in June.  Boys and girls are suddenly well on their way to becoming men and women.
  • Sixth graders are suddenly sitting in the front seats of the car.  This may be something of a new rite-of-passage; certainly there were not seat-belt laws and passenger seat airbags in the buggies and Model T’s of 1912!
  • Third graders stride confidently to their first homeroom on the second floor of our building.  OK, there wasn’t a “second floor” in the one-room school house in Salem where Adeline Tower started her school in 1912.  But there certainly was an assurance that emerged amongst third graders.  Somehow the world – and one’s place in it – begins to make sense to a third grader.
  • And Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students come to school wide-eyed with nervous anticipation. I admire the bravery of our new Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Think of the courage it takes to separate from Mom or Dad and set up shop in a real school-room for the first time!

In an e-mail to parents on the first morning of school, I marveled at the speed with which students and teachers get down to business.  As I write this at the end of our first school day, there already seems to be a rhythm to the new school year.

Here’s another given about the first day of school: It is a great day to be the Head of School. Through the summer, my colleagues and I have planned for this day and the 167 that follow.  Know that we all look forward to a wonderful academic year!

Peter Philip
Head of School
Tower School

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