Where I’m From. By Elsa

elsa's dog!This month, our fifth grade students were challenged to pick from among their favorite pieces of writing, and present them aloud to their classmates and a panel of teachers. Their work was judged based upon their written and oratory skills. Last week, four of those students were selected to represent their grade at an all-school assembly on Friday.

They spoke. We listened!

And then, we cheered—not only because of their ability to beautifully express themselves, but because we recognize the confidence required to present one’s creative work publicly. Our fifth graders feel supported by their schoolmates and by their teachers, and because of that, they feel courageous enough to share their words proudly, with a few hundred friends on a Friday morning.

Where I’m from
Written and presented by: Elsa 

I am from oceanside.
I am from the rocky mountains
I am from the steaming summer days
Chilled by ice cream treats
The times of apples, cheese, and popcorn for dinner.
I am from the sewing with nanny
Wood working with poppy
I am from the golden retrievers with slobbery mouths under the dinner table I am from the “Smith Family Snow days” founded my mom
I am from the snow in my face skiing down the trail.
From christmas in the Virgin Islands
I am from the skin tight clothes of my younger sister

I am from the days of homeschooling with my mother I am from fairy houses in the tall rotten trees
Up in the woods of Maine.
I am from flank steak

Eating half the strips.
I am from the bottom of the pool Fetching torpedoes

I am from brown spotted couches
Stained by Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce
I am from sushi on Christmas Eve
I am from hiking Welsh mountain on Thanksgiving.
I am from Parker, Colorado
From walking down the stairs single file youngest to oldest With the camera on video Christmas morning
I am from a loud, crazy, humorous, happy family.

This is the first in a four-part series of student writing by our fifth grade students.

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4 Comments on “Where I’m From. By Elsa”

  1. Elena Arthur Says:

    Beautifully written-capturing wonderful moments of a very special family! Love it!! Elena Arthur


  2. Jessie Achterhof Says:

    Great job, Elsa! You all spoke with such poise and confidence. You should feel very proud!


  3. Christine Henderson Says:

    Elsa, I really enjoyed reading about where you are from – I particularly like the lines:
    “I am from brown spotted couches
    Stained by Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce”
    – it reminds me of where I am from, too!
    Great job!


  4. Deb Strainge Says:

    Such wonderful work, Elsa…great job!


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