Last Leaf on the Tree. By Sarah


Last Leaf on the Tree
Written and presented by: Sarah

I am the last leaf.

I am the last leaf on the tree, and the last soldier in battle. All my friends have danced to the ground, and ended their performance. At first I was proud, but now I feel lonely and neglected.

One week has passed since all my friends were raked up by a man’s horrible weapon. They called it a…oh right…a rake! That thing took away all my friends as prisoners.

On the other hand, I am the survivor. I have stayed longer than any other leaf! I think I should put myself in the leaf hall of fame.

I can’t feel my hands! Does that mean I am going to fall soon, or that it is just really cold, and I should fall? The cold November wind is starting to float away from my home the tree.

The smell of fire and hot chocolate runs through the windows, and over to my icy body. It begs me to travel to its warm embrace. I feel like if I fall now, then I will regret it, but, I must, I must.

I must travel to the heaven where there is all of the hot chocolate you could imagine. But wait…shouldn’t I think this over? I’m not so sure that I should just leave.

I think it might be best if I waited until it was my time to end my performance! Or has it ended already, and I am just imagining? I think that my mind has wandered to a land far, far away from where my body is.

I squeezed my skin, but just as the skin was about to break, I heard a loud noise. My ears cramped as it came so close. I opened my eyes. I fell, fell to the happy place that all my beloved friends had gone. As my mother the tree became farther and farther away, I closed my eyes and then, it was over.

I was with my friends and happy, but suddenly, I felt like one small piece of my heart was still on that branch, that home. But I will never be there again and in my last minutes I will remember what good times I had on that branch. Thank you god, for making me a leaf.

This is the third in a four-part series of student writing by our fifth grade students.

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4 Comments on “Last Leaf on the Tree. By Sarah”

  1. Kit Jenkins Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience, last leaf. I have never had the chance to think of what being last leaf would be like, you have taught me a lot about the complex and mixed emotions, the sound and the feel of the moment of letting go and the falling. I think of the small piece of you that was left on the tree, your heart, and realize that your mother will hold memories of the good times that the two of you and that ALL of you had together through the seasons. Your mother will hold your heart always.


  2. Deb Strainge Says:

    This is great work and you did a wonderful job presenting your work as well. Well done!


  3. Christine Henderson Says:

    Your writing is so descriptive, Sarah! I actually felt sad for that last leaf.Your writing is amazing and I hope I get the chance to read more!


  4. Elliott Thomson Says:

    Sarah- What a wonderfully descriptive piece. Keep on writing, and
    thank you for sharing.


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