Snowflake. By Annelise

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Written and presented by: Annelise

I am a snowflake. I am different but the same. I fall through the night sky and rise in the day. When I fall I get nervous, as nervous a human being chased by time. I have no friends. I try to make them out of snow, but they just melt away. I fall open and free, but when I hit the ground I just become nothing. I don’t even matter. I don’t think that one person has ever even thought about me. I am white as a pearl. I am shaped like nothing you have ever seen. There are so many of me. Millions and billions. Most adults don’t like me, but the children love me, not me but all of the snow. I am shy. I hide anywhere I can. From the rooftops above to the windowsills below. I don’t go to school. I have no knowledge. But I seek it. I sometimes listen to the teachers at school. But it’s too confusing. But I am a snowflake. I should be proud of who I am, because I am me.

This is the fourth in a four-part series of student writing by our fifth grade students at Tower School.

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4 Comments on “Snowflake. By Annelise”

  1. ellerj Says:

    so beautiful .. We are who we are…


  2. Christine Henderson Says:

    I loved your personification of a snowflake, Annelise! I like the idea of the snowflake being shy and trying to listen to a teacher but being confused – your words made me think about snowflakes in a new way! Thank you! Great work!


  3. Elliott Thomson Says:

    Well done.
    It’s hard to think about snow right now! I do love it when we have a snow day. How about you?


  4. Shannon Says:

    Great job on this really thoughtful piece, Annelise. Discovering what makes us “different, but the same” is exciting!


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