Second Grade Whale Watch

September 26, 2013

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Our second graders experienced a spectacular day of whale watching aboard the Miss Cape Ann, out of Gloucester. When they returned, they shared the story of their amazing day through group storytelling. Below is their summary of whale watching at Jeffrey’s Ledge, in the Gulf of Maine.


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It was a windy day in Gloucester Harbor aboard the Miss Cape Ann. -Lindsey Stafford

We headed out to the Gulf of Maine to Jeffrey’s Ledge. – Eleanor Leahy

There was an upstairs and a downstairs on the boat. – Alex Carter

It was a long trip out to Jeffrey’s Ledge. – Amelia Wyse

We saw a harbor seal in the harbor. – David Kane

We saw our first humpback whale named Patches. We saw his fluke when he went in to a dive.- Andy Palmer

A humpback flipper weighs as much as a small car. – Ben Milner

The humpback whale is a baleen whale. – Alex B.

Whales are one of the strongest and largest sea creatures in the world. – Jenny Aikman

They have small dorsal fins. – Abby DiCenso

Humpback whales have two blow holes. – Kate Stella

We looked on the horizon for the whale’s spout. – Cole Hamilton

Whales often travel alone, and then they meet up with other whales to travel. – Kabir Singh

We then saw three humpbacks together in a group: we saw Valley (mother) and her calf traveling with an escort male named Cacophony. – Henry Greene

Valley really didn’t have a big dorsal fin. She was born that way. – Craig Burton

Valley’s calf won’t be named for another year or so. They wait until the whale is fully grown so they can identify its markings. – Michaela Hope

We saw Valley and her calf logging, which means they were sleeping or resting. – Brooke Hintlian

The three whales dove at the same time. It was so graceful. – Lidia Zur Muhlen

On our way back, we saw pods of Atlantic White Sided Dolphins. -Siena Sharpoval

The dolphins are a lot faster than the whales. – Gavin Byrne

When we saw the dolphins, we all freaked out! – Maxine Wald

We watched the dolphins play in the wake of the boat. – Mrs. Perrella

They also came right along side the boat. It looked like they were going to jump in! – Felix Juves

In the excitement of the dolphin show, we also were lucky enough to see a minke whale.- Mrs. Thomson

The minke is the smallest baleen whale. – Juju Manzi

We had a great trip! – Victoria Baker


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7 Comments on “Second Grade Whale Watch”

  1. Peter Philip Says:

    A wonderful day and a spectacular blog from the second grade. Thanks so much for sharing these detailed stories!!


  2. Mrs. Holian Says:

    Wow! You must have learned so much before your trip to know so much about the whales. I wish I could have been there with you. Maybe next time?!


  3. Pam Sidell Says:

    your descriptions made me feel like I was there!


  4. Jessie Achterhof Says:

    Thanks for sharing all of your observations with us! What an exciting time you had aboard Miss Cape Ann. Nice job, second graders!


  5. Mrs. Thomson Says:

    Best day EVER! Thank you to all of the second graders!


  6. Stephanie Says:

    Great writing everyone.
    Maxine, I would have freaked out too, if I saw those amazing dolphins!


  7. Rachel Perrella Says:

    What an awesome day we had! The dolphins made the day!


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