Tower’s 2nd Grade Students Hone Their Interviewing Skills At The PEM

October 17, 2013


Ms. Thomson’s and Mrs. Perella’s students visit the Peabody Essex Museum regularly. This month, they stopped in to practice their interviewing skills, and spend some time in one of their favorite museums. Below are some of the things they learned.

Eleanor    We got to interview a lot of people at the PEM. We learned that the famous Buffalo is coming back and will be in the new nature exhibit.

Andy    We saw a model of the ship Queen Elizabeth and it was more than 40 feet long.

Henry    Bob Callahan, the head of security, allowed us set off the alarm so we could see how it works.

Michaela    Bob had to do a lot of training before he became a security guard. He was a teacher and a police officer before he worked at the PEM.

Alex    Jill Goodman was our docent, and her favorite piece in the museum is a model of the Friendship. We sketched it.

Lidia    We got to see the sound suits. They were colorful and they were all handmade.

Cole    It was cool that the security guard took our picture on the security cameras.

Amelia    Mark Wood showed us a preview of the movie, “Smurfs 2” on the new projection screen in the auditorium.

Abby    Mark also took us up in to the projection room and showed us how the different equipment worked.

Victoria    We met Austen Barron Bailly, and she is the curator. When we asked her if she ever got nervous, she said that she was nervous when she started her job, but now she is not.

Gavin    Dinah Cardin, the Special Projects Writer/Press Officer at the PEM, gave us really cool pencils.

Sienna    To prepare for our trip, we made special PEM books and decorated them.

Juju    We learned that the PEM is the oldest operating museum that was founded by sea captains.

Craig    We interviewed the security guard, a curator, a docent, a special projects writer, and the Audio Visual Productions Manager.

Alex    We learned that the people at the PEM love their jobs because each day is different.

Felix    We learned where the security cameras are and what they looked like. They took a picture of us.

Jenny    We went into the Japanese Art Gallery. There were a lot of fragile objects in there.

Lindsey    We sketched Island Bride which is a dress made out of shells.

Ben    We met Mark Wood who is in charge of Audio Visual Productions. We saw the movie control room.

Maxine    We saw the Halo in the Artrium near the food court. You can see other people but not yourself. It is like a mirror.

Brooke    We learned that when you get too close to an artifact, the alarms goes off.

Kabir    We took notes in our book and we learned that a curator puts together special exhibits.

David    There are security guards that monitor all of the cameras. The security guard that we interviewed was Bob Callahan. His  favorite museum as a child was the PEM.

Kate    Bob told us that the PEM is bringing back the buffalo and it will be in the Arts and Nature center. It was in the Boston Globe.

Ms. Thomson    My favorite place to visit is the PEM. I think it’s just an extension of our classroom! Can’t wait to go again!

Mrs. Perrella    We were so impressed with our Tower students. They did a fabulous job interviewing!

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