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November 21, 2013

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I believe that Tower School develops happy, confident kids that love to learn. I see examples of this daily.

Through my kids: They are happy, challenged, and proud of their school.

Within the school: When Tower students entered the contest to win a soccer ball on Spirit Day they were asked to state their favorite thing about school. Many wrote specifically about the faculty, and how much they mean to them.

Within the local community: A Marblehead High School teacher told us over the summer that you can tell a student has come from Tower within 90 seconds of meeting them as they are more prepared and mature.

Within the high school community: When my husband and I visited an independent high school in the area recently they commented about how enthusiastic they are to receive applications from Tower students. They identified a Tower alum they have now as a fantastic all-rounder and “potential class president.”

My examples, and the ones that you probably see on a daily basis, relate significantly to the Annual Fund. Our Annual Fund campaign strives to raise unrestricted gifts to the operating budget. This financial support is utilized where it is needed most, benefiting technological improvements, salaries for our excellent faculty, facilities upkeep, and other school needs as found in the operating budget. This year’s Annual Fund goal is $400,000, without which Tower simply could not deliver the exceptional program and experience at the root of my examples shared above.

I am excited about this year’s Annual Fund for several reasons. I’ve listed eight below, but at the very core I’m sure you join me in wanting our school to be great! We want it to thrive in a competitive independent school market. We want to continue to help kids develop confidence, curiosity, and, most importantly, the love of learning. The Annual Fund, Tower’s most important fundraiser, is critical to ensuring all these things happen.

I invite you to join me in sharing your reasons for supporting the Annual Fund in the comment section below. Here are mine:

  1. Character & Confidence is reflected in the mission of the Annual Fund. The dollars we raise enable us to maintain and grow exceptional programs and facilities, while hiring and retaining phenomenal faculty, all within our operating budget.
  2. I believe that the strength of our Annual Fund helped us in the search for a new Head of School. The search consultants confirmed that it is a data point used by potential candidates when evaluating a school. It demonstrates the community’s commitment to the school.
  3. In 2012-13 our parent participation rate reached 92% and our faculty participation reached 100%.  This represents a huge leap from previous years and sets the bar high. I’m confident we are going to be able to build on the good work and momentum from last year.
  4. There is great energy in the school this year. Tower pride is everywhere, including on the bumpers of our cars! Families seem to be finding it easier to talk about the school with pride in an effort to help generate interest in Tower among new families. It’s incredibly positive.
  5. The reality is that there is a gap between income from tuition and the operating expenses of the school. Contributions to the Annual Fund to close that gap. Being from a family of engineers (though I am not one myself), I appreciate something that is cut and dry and can be explained with straightforward numbers.
  6. The Annual Fund Committee consists of parent volunteers that dedicate their time and thoughtful input to our campaign.
  7. Unlike tuition, your Annual Fund contribution is a tax-deductible way to support Tower. What’s not to love about that?!
  8. I know that my kids, Ben (2nd Grade) and Sophie (Kindergarten), will benefit from the Annual Fund directly. There’s nothing like a selfish motivator!


Pat Milner
Annual Fund Committee Chair

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