Tower School’s Solar PV Production Exceeding Expectations

December 3, 2013


The following information is excerpted from a post by Larry Lessard, director and founder of Achieve Renewable Energy of Beverly MA, the firm that designed and installed Tower’s Solar Array in 2012.


Achieve Renewable Energy built Tower School’s 25 kW Solar PV system with individual Enphase Micro-inverters for each of the 105 solar panels. Micro-inverters are designed to minimize impact to production due to shading. Micro-inverters also allow each solar panel to produce electricity at the first sign of morning light. This maximizes solar PV production. Having each solar panel independent also has operational advantages over more common central inverters.

Using standard industry software, Tower School’s array was predicted to produce 28 mega-watt hours per year. In the first year, Tower School produced 32 MWh—approximately 14% more than predicted! Tower benefited from the extra 4,000 kWh produced, and received 4 extra Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). That’s about $1,550 in extra cash due to increased solar PV production. The graph below shows the predicted (blue) and actual (green) solar PV production for Tower’s solar array. Not every month exceeded the predicted output. The winter half of the year (October to March) had several months with lower than predicted PV production, but the summer half of the year (April to September) had higher than expected output.

To find out what can you do to maximize the electricity production from your small commercial or residential PV system, contact Achieve about designing your system with micro-inverters.

To learn more about Tower’s rooftop solar array, and to arrange for a personal tour, contact Tower School’s Business Manager, Dean Sidell, at 781-631-5800.


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