Tower’s Second Grade Students Visit the Here To Ear Exhibit at the PEM

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 2.45.49 PMThe second grade visited the Peabody Essex Museum to see the Here to Ear Exhibit. In the Here to Ear Exhibit, the artist introduces a flock of Zebra Finches to a gallery of iconic Gibson Les Paul and Thunderbird bass guitars. A constantly changing soundscape emerges as the finches begin perching on the amplified instruments.

Here are their reflections on their trip.

Reflections on the Here to Ear Exhibit

Amelia- I was astonished that the birds could make music on the guitar.

Gavin- I thought it was amazing that the birds were not afraid of people and would come perch on your hand.

Cole- I was struck by how much the birds sounded like real musicians.

David- I was flabberghasted by what the artist came up with using the birds.

Alex C.- I was surprised by the fact that the finches could play music.

Jenny- I was struck by the tail of the bird that looked like a zebra.

Maxine- I liked the birds’ music.

Eleanor- I learned that art and music do not always come from people but can come from nature, too.

Brooke- I liked hearing the birds playing the music.

Kate- I was amazed by how fast the birds could fly.

Felix- I was inspired by how cool those zebra finches were.

Andy- I was amazed that the birds would actually go to the guitar and play music.

Lindsey- I was astonished by all the stuffed birds that were on the wall and how realistic they are.

Henry- I was struck by the fact that it was actually music that was made by birds.

Alex B.- I was amazed by how close you could get to the birds.

Mrs. Perrella- I was impressed by the artist’s unique idea to use birds to make music in a manner other than through their singing.

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2 Comments on “Tower’s Second Grade Students Visit the Here To Ear Exhibit at the PEM”

  1. Peter Philip Says:

    Really wonderful exhibit — and wonderfully thoughtful comments from Tower’s second graders!! Great job!


  2. Shannon O'Leary Says:

    I’m flabbergasted by the second grade’s use of the word flabbergasted! 🙂


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