I Think, I Am.

Second Graders read Louise Hay’s “I THINK, I AM.” After reading the book, they had a class discussion on the meaning of affirmations. Next, the children chose their favorite thought and illustrated the examples from Louise Hay’s book. This book teaches children the power of using positive affirmations in their daily lives. We hope that children can practice turning any negative thoughts or emotions into optimistic thoughts and feelings at an early age. We hope to instill this life-long skill deep into each child’s core.

Mrs. Perrella and Ms. Thomson
2nd Grade Teachers

When it comes to taking care of the world you live in, you could think…Who cares? One piece of trash doesn’t matter. Instead, think…”I care for my home, my school, the earth.”

Have you ever done something you wish you hadn’t? You might get mad at yourself and think…”I can’t believe I forgot my homework. I always forget everything.” Keep positive and say to yourself… “I learn from my mistakes and move on.”

When you don’t want to pay attention, you may believe…”This isn’t about me, so I don’t need to listen…” Remember that life has a lot to teach you, and think…”I love to learn new things…”

When waiting around is not what you had planned, you may start to have negative thoughts like, “This line is too long, we will never get to the zoo.” Picture the fun you will have and say, “I make today great!”

Even though you may have many great things in your life, sometimes you’ll still wish… “I sure would love to have one of those!” Instead, pay attention to what’s good in your life, and say every day, “I am lucky and grateful for what I have.”

Have you ever wished you looked different or like somebody else? You might feel like saying…”I don’t like my hair. I wish it were like hers!” Instead, say, “I love myself just the way I am!”

When you see kids who act differently from you, you might say to yourself…”I hope I don’t have to play.” Try to look past differences you see on the outside, think…”I see the best in everyone!”

If you are feeling like something is too hard, negative thoughts might creep in…” I can’t do this. It’s too hard, I’ll never figure this out!” Help those negative thoughts go away by telling yourself…”I CAN do this. I am going to try my hardest.”

If people around you have nothing good to say, it can bring you down…”It’s too crowded, I’m tired, I’m bored, that’s weird.” Don’t let others’ moods change yours. Say…“I choose to be positive.”

You might think that you aren’t creative and that kids have better ideas than you…”I can’t make my project.” Don’t give up! Say to yourself…”I am filled with creative ideas.”

If your friends want you to go their way, it’s easy to think…”If I don’t do what they want, they will be mad at me!” Do what is right for you and tell yourself…”I stand up for what is important to me!”

If it seems easier to sit back and watch than to help, you may think…”I wish someone would help him/her…” Change your thoughts and say…”I happily help wherever I can.”



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